About Research Commitee

About Research Commitee

The Research Committee IOF-PC envisages IOF as a center of excellence and knowledge hub for natural resource management education. It primarily facilitates, organizes, and institutionalizes the research activities that contribute to enhancing teaching-learning processes. The main objective of the committee is to stimulate student and faculty research activities. This includes preparation of research grant proposals in collaboration and coordination with different national, regional, and international agencies and stakeholders, generating and disbursement of research and training grants to students, faculties, and administrative staff through reviewing proposals and making appropriate decisions for funding as per the research guidelines of the Committee.

Research Committee Members

  • Bishnu Prasad Devkota, Ph.D.: Chairman
  • shes Kanta Bhandari, Ph.D.: Member
  • Deepa Paudel, Ph.D.: Member
  • Shreekanta Sharma Khatiwada, Ph.D. ; Member
  • Bishnuhari Wagle, Ph.D.: Member Secretary

Recently Announced Research Grant Call Notices

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Research Grant Call for M.Sc. Students

B.Sc. Research Grant Result 

M.Sc. Research Grant Result 2078